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Mech mods are an effective method of improving the performance of your electronic devices. These mods are designed with a range of features, such as high power output, adjustable temperature control, and more. However, before purchasing a device, you should always take into account the risks of using one.


Purchasing a new mechanical mod can be a daunting task, unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Most of these devices are a little more than a fancy case with a battery and coil attached. They’re best for experienced vapers who know what they’re looking for. They offer a better wattage output, a longer battery life, and a better vaping experience overall.

There are many reputable brands that make mechanical mods for sale. Some of the more popular include Angry Cloud Vape Co., Screaming Tree Mods, Overpowered Mod Vape Hardware, Ronin Mods, and Broadside Mods. If you’re interested in purchasing a new device, make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller. If you buy from a shady company, you might not get the best mod for your money.

The THC Tauren Mech Mod is a good example of the best mechanical mods out there. Its most notable feature is its large battery capacity, which is great for longer vaping sessions. It’s also one of the better looking mechanical mods on the market. Featuring a stainless steel body, this mod is built to last.

The TAUREN mechanical mod is a nice little device that can be used in a variety of color schemes. It also has a ball-like fire button and a nifty TAUREN logo on the front. In addition, it has a lot of features to show off, including a large battery indicator, a temperature control suite that’s rivaled by regulated devices, and a soft finish. This device also comes with a free Voltrove tank.

The SMOK TFV8 Big Box Mod is another top-shelf device. It features a temperature control mode, variable wattage mode, and an impressive 0.05 to 5.0 ohm resistance range. It’s also one of the best looking mech mods around, with a stylish and modern design.


Getting a good hybrid mech mod can be a daunting task. However, this type of mod can provide you with a harder hit and bigger vape clouds. It also can be a bit confusing at first. The best ones are built after years of research.

The top notch mechanical mods use a hybrid set up. They can accommodate all 510 atomizers. The best ones also have a couple of other niceties. Aside from a cool name, the top notch mods boast an impressive array of safety features.

The aforementioned cig-a-like all-in-one mechanical starter kit is made by Shelbi Mods. Its 0.1ohm resistance capability, 80 watts of power and shield-style LED to monitor battery voltage are all reasons to check this mod out. It also features a twisted battery cover, type-C charging port and 2mL juice capacity.

The VGOD mechanical mod is another worthy contender. The device boasts an emboldened VGOD flag crest design and a copper framed aerospace grade carbon fiber switch. It also comes with a snazzy side fire button and safety lock PEI / Acrylic rings. The tiniest bit of knowledge may have eluded you.

The VGOD mod also boasts a number of other features. The patented squonk technology comes from El Mono Vapeador, while the bottle is square and perfectly toleranced. It also boasts a full silver contacts and a physical locking switch.

If you’re looking for a hybrid mech mod, take a look at the VGOD. The aforementioned cigalike all-in-one mechanical starter kit combines the best features of both styles into one. It’s light, robust and stylish, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

The VGOD mechanical mod also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It boasts a patented squonk technology, which is a bit of a rarity these days. It also features a full silver contacts and a physical lock switch.

Box style

Mech mods represent a niche segment of the vape market. The devices are usually made of wood or plastic, with the battery and atomizer attached. They were popular in the early days of e-cigarettes, when technology wasn’t yet up to par. These devices allowed vapers to draw more power from the battery, producing big clouds.

Mechanical mods are easy to use, but can be dangerous if used improperly. They require a great deal of knowledge and expertise to use safely. To use a mech mod, you must understand how to set up the coils and battery. You must also know how to maintain and clean the device.

Mechanical mods can be divided into two main categories: regulated and unregulated. Regulated devices have built-in protection mechanisms, while unregulated devices don’t. Regulated devices give you safe power adjustment and a visual display of your settings. Unregulated devices don’t have built-in safety features, so you must understand the mechanics of the device to use it safely.

Mech mods were initially created as modified flashlights. The batteries were placed in a way that they would connect to the negative and positive sides of the device. Early mech mods were cigalikes, meaning that they were small and had no more than 200 watts of power.

Mech mods are now made in various sizes and designs. Some have built-in locks, while others have buttons to prevent accidental firing. A few models even have fuses to protect the battery from power surges.

Mechanical mods come in two basic types: tube and box style. Generally, tube mechs use one or two batteries, while box style mech mods are designed to hold dual batteries.


Those who are not familiar with squonk mods might not know that squonk mods are mechanical mods that use a bottle to hold ejuice. These mods are a great choice for vapers who want fresh, flavorful vapor without having to drip.

Many squonk mods have a bottle that fits directly into the device. This bottle is very squishy and easy to push into the mod. This bottle is also integrated into the mod, so no need to remove the bottle from the mod to refill it.

Many squonk mods offer a full range of modes. These include temperature control modes, wattage mode and bypass mode. There are also safety features, such as a short circuit protection. These mods are ideal for beginners and are easier to use than mechanical mods.

Another great squonk mod is the Profile Squonk by Wotofo. This device has a full color screen that shows volts, puff time and battery life. It also has a knurled Delrin firing button. It is powered by a single 18650 battery. This mod is easy to use and has a sleek design.

The Profile Squonk by Wotofo is a high quality squonk mod that is designed with an ergonomic and modern design. It is also affordable. It can be used as a single battery mod or as a dual battery box mod.

The Aegis Squonk by Geekvape is one of the most durable squonk mods on the market. It features a high-quality rubberized exterior, a squonk bottle that holds 10ml of ejuice, and uses the Geekvape AS-100 chipset for excellent squonking performance. It has a solid build, an all-new form factor, and dual battery support.


Using mech mods can be a blast, but there are some hazards to be aware of. These include overheating of the battery and the possibility of an explosion. While most of these accidents happen in the hands of unskilled users, the best way to avoid this is to have a solid grasp of the battery’s limitations.

Having a proper air outlet can help cool the internal temperature of the device. However, if the device doesn’t have one, the dangers are greater.

A basic mechanical mod contains a firing pin that allows current from the battery to reach the attached atomizer. The coil heats up and vaporizes the juice. A more advanced mechanical mod includes electronics that regulate the flow of power.

Having a good idea of the ohm’s law is essential to avoiding thermal runaway. Thermal runaway occurs when the battery draws too much charge and overheats. This can lead to explosive metal frag grenades.

Stacking batteries in a tube mod with no gas vents is a bad idea. A box mod is safer. It has a door that blows off if the battery overheats.

Using batteries below the maximum discharge threshold can cause premature failure. The CDR of a typical battery is around 20 amps.

It’s easy to overcharge a mech mod battery. This is especially true when using a device with a low resistance atomizer. The battery may overheat or the coil may short circuit.

There are other hazards, such as a battery that explodes due to an improperly built circuit. It is recommended to have the battery tested periodically to ensure its safety.

The only real way to avoid the dangers of a mech mod is to use one properly. Aside from knowing the right battery, use a good ohm reader to determine the correct resistance for the atomizer, and check for any shorts in the battery’s circuits.


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